Das Keyboard Ultimate 4: Brave Decision

Das Keyboard Ultimate 4: Brave Decision

Mechanical keyboards offer a kind of another level of typing experience. These are keyboards which facilitate interaction by providing you a tactile feedback. They are accurate, responsive, extremely durable as long as expensive. Today we are going to speak about a good candidate to be the best mechanical keyboard. Das Keyboard Ultimate 4 which is completely blank with Cherry MX for bad ass coders and gaming enthusiasts.

An Experience Like No Other. Metadot

Design & Materials

The keyboard is made of premium-class materials. It doesn’t have any signs, so be ready to master touch typing skills. Completely black keycaps are perfectly combined with matte-black anodized aluminum top panel which feels pleasantly cold. But, on the other side of every keycap you can see an almost invisible small dot. Seems like it was a place of attachment when they were created.
Sadly :(

Keycap with dot

From the media keys it has buttons to control the music, sleep button (because on the blank keyboard it is not so easy to find WIN + L shortcut), mute button and oversized volume knob. There are also two USB 3.0 ports and three led indicators in this part of the keyboard layout. Usually, I spend a lot of time writing some code while listening to some music, so this minimalism perfectly fits my needs. And it is also useful for those who have a wireless mouse, so it is possible to connect adapter directly to the keyboard.

Oversized volume knob and USB ports

The keyboard has 2 meters long cable with USB type A connector. Although, it is fat and not flexible. Frankly speaking, there is only one word how to describe this cable fully. Awkward! Actually, it is usual for USB 3.0 cables, and it can be easily changed with another one because it is connected with micro USB type B to the control board inside. (If you find such neat cable somewhere, please give a link in comments).

According to the Metadot, this keyboard is the thinnest mechanical keyboard in the world. I did not check it, but it feels comfortable. If you want to make it higher, you can use the ruler. Yes, exactly ruler which is supplied with a keyboard as a footbar to raise it to an optimal 4 degrees. And it is attached to the keyboard magnetically. In my experience, footbar as a ruler was used only once. Cool, but useless.


The problem is that keyboard legs which are on the first line are on the different levels. It makes this keyboard a bit unstable when using the footbar. It’s easy to solve this problem, but this is not what I wanted from the keyboard for 170$.


We spend more time at our computers that ever before. So we are typing a lot, and mechanical keyboards give us a choice which membrane ones can’t do. You can get a keyboard which is suitable for your typing style by selecting an appropriate switch. Nowadays, the best switches are Cherry MX series.

Das Keyboard is also mechanical, and it is supplied with Cherry MX Blue for typists and Cherry MX Brown for gamers.

Das Keyboard supports full N-Key Rollover. By default this feature is disabled, and it means that you can type maximum six plus a couple of control buttons simultaneously. You can enable it by pressing Shift + Mute and all the indicators will blink three times. N-Key Rollover allows your keyboard to detect the press of each key independently regardless of how many other keys are being pressed or held down at the time. This feature is crucial for professional gamers, but I have never faced the situation when I need to press ten keys simultaneously.

Wrap up

If not to hung up on minutiae, this keyboard has everything which is needed for comfortable coding and even more. Yes, this keyboard isn’t for everyone, but if you spend most of the time writing some code, if you already decided to buy a mechanical keyboard or you just like challenges, you definitely should give a chance to this one.

If you are afraid of blank keyboards, but you liked this one, you have to take a look on Das Keyboard Professional 4.


  • Design and completely blank
  • Mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX
  • Multimedia buttons
  • Oversized volume knob
  • Two USB 3.0 ports
  • Full N-Key rollover
  • Footbar as a ruler ?


  • Keycaps with dots
  • Keyboard legs
  • Awkward cable
  • Expensive

Thank you for reading my blog, hope this post is helpful for you.

2 thoughts on “Das Keyboard Ultimate 4: Brave Decision

  1. Great article, thank you!
    Glad to see that I am not alone with my thoughts about the keyboard.
    I am also the proud owner of such keyboard and may say that I totally share your concerns. I am used to using the keyboard without the rack-ruler because the keyboard is much stable without it.


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