Level up VIM skills

Level up VIM skills

Over two years I’ve been using VIM as the main development tool. From plugin for Visual Studio to complete IDE for JS and Go projects. In this post, I’m going to level up your VIM experience by sharing my best practices, most used hotkeys and awesome plugins. If you are interested in then welcome into my VIM-world. But if don’t know what the hell it is or you don’t have enough confidence when using VIM, I recommend you to read the set of articles about VIM for beginners (one, two, three).

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LinQ to Objects deep inside (Part II)

In the previous article we tried to understand how linq extension methods work on the example of linq Select method by revealing all its magic and writing our custom AwesomeSelect method. Today we will understand how linq functions work along with others and talk about the difference between deferred and immediate execution in linq to objects.

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