VIM for beginners (Part III)

VIM for beginners (Part III)

This is the last post about VIM for beginners. You are on the way to become a VIM master. As you may found, this is not so easy to learn VIM and this is also talking about previous posts (part 1 and part 2). When you feel the power in your hands using VIM, you will want something more and this is what this post about. We’ll speak about some useful things you have to know before you can go by yourself. All topics will be discovered superficially in order to let you decide what you want.

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VIM for beginners (Part I)

As any developer, you are constantly developing. You are learning new technologies by reading books, watching online lessons, attending some courses, and so on and so forth. You know that if you stop learning, you become uncompetitive. But have you ever thought about your performance? How do you improve that? If you don’t know how to answer than welcome under the cut.

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